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Keep Calm v1.1

Keep Calm and Carry On v1.1

Last night I pushed an update to my Android Keep Calm and Carry On app. After having been able to get strong feedback from comments, people IRL and other websites I’ve been able to make some decisions for improvements to the app. Here’s what’s new:

  • I’ve fixed a bug on the forms that meant that content dropped off in landscape mode (you can now scroll)
  • I’ve added the option (in preferences) to either have a gradient or solid background
  • I’ve fixed some text wrapping options though I recommend you aim to use less than seven lines with a maximum of ten characters per line
  • You can now tap the poster to display the menu
  • A bug with saving has been fixed
  • AWESOME NEW FEATURE: You can share straight to social networks
  • And I added a button to go to my blog on the about screen

The app has received relatively positive ratings (currently 4 stars-ish) and has over 1500 users. Not bad considering it only went live on Saturday afternoon. I think that I am going to keep this app free forever and not bother doing anything stupid with a ‘Pro’ or ‘HD’ paid version. I really can’t justify charging for anything less than 1000 lines of code…

Keep Calm and Carry On


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