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Free Android app: Keep Calm

Click image to download from Android Market

I’ve been playing around with Android development for a few months now but I’ve only just got round to making my first app. Having already seen that the current top paid iPhone app (in the UK) was a simple app that let you design Keep Calm and Carry On style posters I had a look on the Android market for similar apps. There were, at the time, five apps available however they were all paid for. I thought it would be nice to make a free one.

My app allows users to customize both the text and background color (picture coming in the next version) of the poster and then to save it to the SD card on the device. Its pretty simple and frankly a bit of a useless app but its better than all the paid for alternatives. The app has received around 200 downloads in its first 12 hours* and lists top when you search for ‘Keep Calm’ and third when you search for ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.

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*After around forty hours it had over 1000.


Comments on: "Free Android app: Keep Calm" (3)

  1. I just downloaded the app, but I’m not able to change the text… And when I save the picture on my phone, I’m not able to find it in the Gallery. Am I doing something wrong, or are there issues with the app?

    • You are definitely able to change the text – just tap in the text box. It may be that your phone is being slow before saving the image. I am going to modify the saving feature slightly and do an update so that it works a bit better and it is easier to save/share/set as background.

  2. Couple of days ago, I had been wondering what Android phone to buy at my low budget. I stumbled upon Galaxy Y, Xperia Mini and Live with Walkman. But they all seem to have their own issues. So, with my eyes almost in tears, I had to decide that I won’t be buying Android this time. 😦

    More on this is on my blog.

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